Wednesday, June 6, 2007

2 story camper

I saw this at the campground at Christmas, Fl. At 1st look I thought it was a moving van semi-trailer, but look at the COOLER??? up front? I understand it took 2-3 years to make this camper.
So it looks like a reefer, (cooler unit for food) trailer? Well, it isn't. I knocked on the door & was invited in. Up several steps into the bedroom & bath, PLUS WHAT APPEARS TO BE A REFRIGERATION UNIT, is a closet. In the middle of the trailer, lower level is the kitchen & living space. Toward the back of that & overhead is a loft, which has an air mattress for when needed.
In the rear of the trailer is room for 1 or 2 race cars. When hauling 2 cars, one car is lifted on the electric/hydraulic hoist & pushed forward into the loft. Picture here shows lift raised.

This is the tractor that pulls it, a 1981 Peterbilt, if I remember right. Still looks pretty good.

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